Thursday, 26 July 2012

Seriously creative stuff like you've never seen.

I love it when I can share something with you that is truly unique. Something that is inspiring. And something that is affordable and achievable. Today is one of those days!

Mr Perswall, which takes its name from ‘personal walls’ has to be one of the funkiest, most on-the-pulse digital wallpaper brands out there. It launched in Sweden in 2009 but only arrived on our shores at the end of last year. It uses the most up-to-date digital print technology on the market to create truly unique, creative and bespoke high-quality digital wallpaper. You really have to see this for yourself. 

Some of the concepts are so simple but when hung up on the wall, effectively as art, have immense impact and wow factor. For this company, it’s all about “facilitating inventiveness and making ideas happen”. So take a peek here and if there’s something you like but it’s just not quite how you want it, get in touch with Mr Perswall because all designs can be modified and personalised. And the best part? For what you get, it really is surprisingly affordable - yay! I've picked out my favourite papers from each collection to share with you.
Stripe, Accessories collection
Accessories is a wallpaper collection packed with features rarely associated with wall design. Furniture, dresses, instruments, frames and unexpected accessories form the wallpaper patterns that inspire playful creativity and new lines of thought. Ok, so this Stripes wallpaper makes me a bit giddy if I look at it for too long but hey this would be fab in a hallway or other 'passing through' space.

Bouquet, Urban Nature collection
Urban Nature is a wallpaper collection inspired by wallpapers bursting with colour, filled with graffiti, urban environments, trees and flowers, nature lovers feel exhilarated by the pulse of the city and city people in step with nature. Isn't this 'bouquet' literally bursting with colour!

Knot, Fashion collection
Fashion collection is a wardrobe full of expressive fashion, which can be combined with the rest of your room. How about hanging a row of ties to complement Knot, it would certainly help chaps who can't remember how to tie a knot first thing in the morning!

Houses, Photo collection
Photo wallpaper collection contains exciting graphic art with both natural and urban scenes, ideal for giving smaller areas a more spacious feel or adding an inspiring and creative feel to a room. I love how your eye is led through these Scandinavian houses down to the sea.

Glimpse of Paradise, Creativity & PhotoArt collection
Creativity & PhotoArt is a beautiful wallpaper collection where you can expect the unexpected. It is made up of a combination of creative illustrations and photographs that allow you to play with spatial perspectives and frames of mind. This Glimpse of Paradise makes me want to dive right in...

Secret Cities, Destinations collection
Destinations is the collection that shortens distances and makes our big world slightly smaller - telling tales of journeys from paradise to the metropolis, offering inspiring windows overlooking the sea or searching for hidden city names like the one the paper above - I spy Hong Kong, can you?!

Home Town, Hide & Seek collection
Hide & Seek educational wallpaper collection arouses children’s curiosity and stimulates their creativity. Let them draw on the wall, what the heck!

Library, Communication collection
Communication collection encourages you to relate your story and contains inspiring motifs that provide the perfect background for personal anecdotes. Why not create your own dust-free bookshelf with colour coordinated strips from Library?

Amazing aren't they? What do you think of them? Would you consider having some in your home? I'd love to hear your thoughts. Which is your favourite?

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Job satisfaction & creating stylish spaces

Oops, I seem to be consistently breaking one of the golden rules of blogging of late and not posting regular posts for you to read (knuckles well and truly rapped!). Please accept my apologies oh kind hearted, lovely readers that you are but I really do have valid to earn back your lurve I thought I'd share with you some images of some of the beautiful products I have been working with to create stylish spaces for two fab clients of late. The projects are still in development but once they are complete I will share with you the style boards and before & after shots.

Gerrans Bay, photo by Chris Simmons

Cornish cottage
I've been commissioned to design the interior of a cornish coastal cottage near St Mawes, which is yet to be built and is a delight to work on. I've been given an open brief to design the house ready for sale. As such the owners, whilst being keen to create the right look, have taken a back seat so they don't get emotionally involved in the work, thus letting me ensure that the interior style we create will appeal to its target market. Here a few images of fittings that we will be installing or have used as inspiration for our product selection.

Kitchen inspiration
Classic handcrafted solid hardwood kitchen
Contemporary, classic bathroom

Luxury beds

One of the UK's leading bed manufacturers has asked me to style the photo shoot of their new range of luxury high-end beds. Taking place on 1st & 2nd August I will be styling six bed 'sets' to launch the range, positioning them as modern, stylish and aspirational. This project is such fun to have been given! I love creating a look and finding the right products to get that look. Some of the headboard fabrics are stunning, my favourite is a deep petrol blue velvet, which I can't wait to dress with the most gorgeous range of fine linens I recently came across, made by Bianca Lorenne (much more to follow on this company and their exquisite bedding after the shoot). So here again are some of the products that will be featured in the shoot. I am delighted to say that the majority of suppliers that I have sourced products from are local to the south west, as I am all for supporting local business, all of which I will post about and give you links to once the shoot has taken place.

bianca lorenne cameonne bedspread

Pure Lana leather storage trunks

Kinsale lamp table

I hope you like what you see so far, do you forgive me?! I have been working hard! Oh plus I'm in the middle of moving house...

Today is one of those days that I have immense job satisfaction. Are you having a good day? I hope so

Thursday, 12 July 2012

Say it with flowers

Gosh, what an abysmally wet, soggy, dreary old day. Bleurgh.

I'm manically sourcing products today so haven't got around to writing the blog post I wanted to share today (maybe later this avo...) so in the meantime I share with you some delightful blooms that I received from one very lovely person *smile*. They have certainly brightened my day and I hope they bring some sunshine to your workspace too!

I hope you're wearing bright funky wellies & cagoules today!

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

La dolce vita

Hey peeps, it's been a while, I'm sorry but you know, holidays are so important and good for the soul, so I'll hope you'll excuse my lack of posts as I've been away to the beautiful island of Sardinia. Ah, the sun, the sea, the pools, the food and oh the Italian way of life - bellissima! I've got mounds to do and an exciting new photo shoot styling project to organise so today I thought I'd personally deliver some sunshine to your day in the hope it lifts your spirits despite the rubbish weather the UK seems to relentlessly be enduring...

uno bellini per favore

la piscina
la spiaggia
i fiore
decorazione interna
piccoli dettagli

Heavenly *smile*