Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Some Spring interiors inspiration - Devon stylee

So it seems a fair few of us Devon based interiors-y folk are thinking along the same wavelength this Spring...

...pale wood, yellow + grey, geometrics & pastels... only difference is my slight obsession with a splash of fluoro *wink* 

If you want to know more, you can read all about it in Exeter Living magazine issue 138.

Don't forget, Home Restyler is all for  and about affordable interior design ;)

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Easy to make decorative Easter displays

This time last year my home was awash with bright spring colours, the living room filled with pretty paper decorations and all sorts of Easter decorations. This year however, my decorations are buried deep in a cellar, stowed away with the majority of my belongings, until we once again own our home, which will hopefully be larger than the current little 2 bed cottage we are so lucky to live in (lucky to have such a great view, not so lucky when it comes to parking / storage space / insulation!) To celebrate the beauty and joy of spring and to stick two fingers up to the rubbishy freezing temperatures that we are continuing to endure at the moment, here are some of my favourite ideas and photos of inspiring Easter decorations.

And I couldn't resists this ickle one...

Source: Home on Pinterest

for more inspiring images why not take a peek at my Easter Pinterest board.

Happy Easter, may the next few weeks be filled with gorgeous little egg-inspired decorative displays and delicious chocolatey treats *smile*

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Most beautiful B&B I've stayed in

Now that I've put an offer in on a house that needs SERIOUS work doing it to it, I am like a woman possessed. I already spend most of my days thinking about all things 'home' but now I am literally eating, breathing, talking, sleeping....absolutely everything 'home'. What am I gonna do if I don't get this house? Well, apart from cry a lot, sink a few glasses of wine and feel a certain sensation of rubbishness, I will continue the search for the next best one. Today I thought I'd share with you a couple of inspiring images and a fab idea I've seen and that I've been bookmarking for the next abode. I also want to tell you and rave about the most beautiful B&B I've ever stayed in. And yes, yellow, grey & white seem to heavily feature. You know me *smile*

Colour blocked window recess
Absolute awesomeness. I mean how simple and how cool. Just by painting the recess of this window, it has brought light into the room, made the window look a hell of a lot bigger and given an unconventional twist to the room. I love this idea.

The Bloomsbury cafe in Bath has had a makeover (well since the last time I was there anyway) and the vivid sunshine yellow walls made me smile so much. Yellow + grey + white with pendant lights, wooden flooring and inspirational quotes = brilliant!

Brindleys Boutique B&B, Bath - the best I've ever stayed in
How poignant hey, for the room I stayed in last weekend to be decorated in my favourite colour combo. I was in pure heaven. The attention to detail in terms of the design of the room was second to none. Even the ceiling was painted in yellow (around the ceiling rose) and grey (the rest of the surface area). The super king was incredible, my first time in such a giant bed. Each room at this 6 bedroom B&B is decorated differently and, fingers crossed the owners are hoping to exchange on another 12 bedroom B&B just up the road from Brindleys. I can't wait to see how Sarah, the owner, puts her interior decorating skills into practice again!

If you're thinking of a weekend away in Bath, this is where I would recommend you stay. Oh and the cocktails at Circo are scrumdiddlyumptious *wink*

Thursday, 7 March 2013

Playing with letters

I was just having a think about some personalised and quirky decorative additions I could include in a new client project and remembered my husband telling me about a game he played at our friend Jono's (who is one hell of a talented guy, check out his blog - he's all about innovation & design) house last week. I think it was called Bananagram, anyway he had a great time and for some reason the idea of scrabble letter cushions came to mind. Of course it's nothing new and it's already out there, but when I googled it I found these images. What a brilliant concept made by Stephen Reed for Bloomberg employees in their London office.

What a fab idea. Imagine chucking them all around and seeing what words land where? Or leaving silly / rude message for people to sit on *chuckle*

Then what I thought was I'd love a row of the letter Z along the width of a bed, you know like 'zzzzz' snore...

Ah but it's already been done. Oh well, as the saying goes, copying is the greatest form of flattery.

Looks great don't you think? It just add a bit of tongue in cheek to a rather masculine, grown up room. I'll have to have a think and see what else I can come up with...

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

A case study about my business in an actual BOOK! A printed book! OMG!

 WOOOOOHOOOOO! I am a tad bit over excited at the mo!!! This fab book just arrived in the post and look...

yes, that says Home Restyler, a case study about my little business. I actually can't quite believe it!

A book that will be for sale in all good bookshops any time soon and available at Amazon from March 15th. 

Ok, time to calm down and tell you a little more. This book has been written by Emma Jones MBE, business expert and founder of small business support company Enterprise Nation (which I wrote about in a post in January) in conjunction with House Beautiful magazine. It's a book for anyone who has a passion, skill or hobby involving interiors and an interested in turning this into a successful business.

When I originally contributed to the book, I had no idea of the final outcome of it, I kind of imagined a mini magazine with a short shelf life, but this is amazing. I feel honoured, delighted and so excited to be part of something so inspiring and business based. I love the fact my case study is in chapter eight: sell, sell, sell! Hee hee *smile*

I hope you like it and I hope the books readers find it helpful and gives them the impetus to go for it!