Monday, 26 September 2016

Interior Monologues - an interview with Home Restyler

It's not often you get a free pass to waffle on about all things interior design, so I was delighted when Exeter Living magazine interviewed me for their latest October issue (no.199).

Not only is it an honour as well as a delight to be considered as one of Exeter's "most clued up interior designers" but its a lovely bit of PR for the industry locally as well as Home Restyler.

If you've got a few minutes you can click here to read interviews with myself and four other local designers including Hannah from Touch Design Group (who produce some incredible furniture as well as complete interior re-fits) and the lovely Annalisa from Duo Interiors (who I source a lot of my fabrics for soft furnishings through).

Monday, 20 June 2016

Before & after: contemporary, stylish kitchen

It has been a loooong time coming, but finally, upon delayed installation of the splashback (my own fault - I now have more empathy for client indecision lol!) I am over the moon and delighted to be able to say that my beautiful new kitchen is complete & ready for action!

I consulted Ross Pollard of Vision Installs to carry out the work and would highly recommend him and his team to anyone looking to fit a new kitchen in their home. Not only was Ross great to work with when designing the kitchen but the project ran smoothly, on time and to budget. Big ticks all round!

The hideous before:

The beautiful after:

Suppliers & source list;

I am so delighted with the final result, I hope you like it too *smile*

Thursday, 14 April 2016

Exeter Living magazine Spring Interiors feature

I'm on a mission today to update my latest media coverage. Keeping the blog up-to-date has taken back seat recently with so much work on but I love writing so much so I must make a deal with myself to make time to do it more often.

Here is some of my latest media coverage with lots of colour related hints and tips from my perspective...break the rules and have some fun!

Home Restyler name in lights...well in the Daily Mail!

So I've made it into a national newspaper, woo hoo, all very fun and pretty cool to be able to say that *smile*

Here's the first copy I've written and had included in the Daily Mail...

Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Home Restyler's first time as an awards finalist!

Ooh the excitement of Home Restyler being an Exeter Living Awards Interiors finalist!

Competition is tough in the interiors category but hey you've got to be in it to win it and as people like to say "it's the taking part that counts". would be fab to win *smile*

Congratulations to all of the other finalists across all of the categories. I'm looking forward to the awards event (read knees up in posh frock) on April 14th at The Great Hall, University of Exeter!

Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Lights, camera, action - take 2! Relyon Classic Bed Collection 2015

Following on from Monday's part 1: Relyon's Heritage bed collection photoshoot, today I would love to share with you part 2: Relyon's Classic bed collection photos.

The design brief I was given for this photoshoot, was to appeal to a younger demographic and to give the bedroom sets a funkier, more contemporary vibe. I was so excited about this as earthborn paints wanted to get involved and I was dying to get my hands on some of Milton & King's amazing wallpapers. The guys at M&K were so incredibly helpful on this project and agreed to supply the wallpaper for all seven bedroom sets and earthborn (best clay paint ever!) supplied the paint for the entire shoot as well.

 Just you wait, you are going to LOVE the wallpaper as well as the beds, the furniture, the lights, the accessories, the soft furnishings... *joy*

Relyon Classic Bed Collection

Elegance bed
Elegance bed
Soft furnishings - various cushions, Clarke & Clarke
Bedside table - & Tradition Hoof table, Cloudberry Living
Lighting - Ravel chrome wall lights, Astro Lighting
Accessories - Hammered pouffes, Puji, Marble serving tray, Rockett St George, No.1 soy wax candle, Dotcomgiftshop
Wallpaper - Feathered Nest, Milton & King
Wallpaint - Eyebright, earthborn paints

Magnificence bed
Magnificence bed
Soft furnishings - Linum Mimi velvet duck egg cushion, Cloudberry Living  Dotty cushion & Milk White square pillowcase, Secret Linen Store
Bedside table - Pastel blue Peg table, Bright Potato
Lighting - Ginestra pendant lights, Astro Lighting
Accessories - Mint ceramic vase, Rockett St George,  beach hut photo frame, Dotcomgiftshop, Kesuma tall white lantern, Puji
Rug - Jessica, Plantation Rug Company
Wallpaper - Pastelangles, Milton & King
Wallpaint - Piglet, earthborn paints

Pillowtop Classic bed
Pillowtop Classic bed
Soft furnishings - Japura fabric collection, KAI, Elvang classic throw in jade green, Cloudberry Living
Bedside table - Henry dark side table, Puji
Lamp - Ravelo putty, Astro Lighting
Accessories -Gold lustr dimple tea light holders, TCH, Metal candle holders (pair), Puji  raffia storage basket by Rice Denmark, Cloudberry Living
Rug - Royale, Plantation Rug Company
Wallpaper - Scallop Dots in rust, Milton & King
Wallpaint - Marbles, earthborn paints

Natural Ortho Superb bed
Natural Ortho Superb bed
Soft furnishings - various cushions, Clarke & Clarke Sloane throw in pearl, Bedeck Home
Bedside table - Alberta oak, Prestige Furniture
Lamp - White column resin lamp, Glo UK
Accessories -Aino Alto small glass, Cloudberry Living, coral effect aluminium vase, Puji  Lucy Burley yellow bottle vase, Quiirk
Wallpaper - Chestnut Branch in cargo, Milton & King
Wallpaint - Fresh Air, earthborn paints

Exquisite bed
Exquisite bed
Soft furnishings - all, Secret Linen Store
Bedside table - Marina, Rockett St George,
Lamp - Joel, Astro Lighting
Accessories -Heritage powder blue frame, Dotcomgiftshop, Wooden star, Puji
Rug - Putiry Textures, Plantation Rug Company
Wallpaper - Parasols Crisp Morning, Milton & King
Wallpaint - Wood Smoke, earthborn paints

Orthorest bed
Orthorest bed
Soft furnishings - Clouds pillow & Clouds throw, Pure Lana
Bedside table - Worcester, Prestige Furniture
Lamp - Sofia, Astro Lighting
Accessories -Shelton Stella vase, Cloudberry Living, Leaf effect picture frame, Puji
Rug - Purity Textures, Plantation Rug Company
Wallpaper - Peacock Plumes in cream, Milton & King
Wallpaint - White, earthborn paints

Pocket Classic bed
Pocket Classic bed
Soft furnishings - Geometric chartreuse cushions, Bedeck Home dove grey pillow & graphite laundered throw, both Secret Linen Store, Linum velvet cushion in soft grey, Cloudberry Living
Bedside table - Brunel stool, Heals
Lamp - Dillon, Glo UK
Accessories - Koto scent diffuser, Cloudberry Living
Rug - Jessica, Plantation Rug Company
Wallpaper - Anemone yellow, Milton & King
Wallpaint - Picket Fence, earthborn paints

In the meantime, huge huge huge thanks to all of the following suppliers;

I hope you like the results of both of the photo shoots. This project was a joy to work on, I love being given a product and tasked with creating a look to show it off in all its glory.

I mustn't forget to give huge thanks and big up Paul Goddard from HDTwo Photography. He was incredibly meticulous in perfecting the sets and a joy to work with.

Last but not least, thank you to the Relyon team. Jo and Liz are fab clients to work for. Not just lovely ladies but hardworking too...many hours spent unpacking and packing boxes, ironing pillowcases and organising everything on location. And the lads too, it takes some strength to lug all those beds about under orders!

Printed copies of the detailed brochures containing lots more images will be out in stores end Jan / early Feb. For more information please visit the Relyon website.

Monday, 4 January 2016

Lights, camera, photoshoot! Relyon Heritage Bed Collection 2015

In the summer of 2015, I was delighted when Relyon got in touch with me again and asked me to design and style two new brochures for them. Having styled a previous bed brochure photoshoot for them, I couldn't resist the opportunity to create some beautiful sets to show off their Heritage and Classic ranges of beds. This time however, the brief was to design and style 18 different sets and I only had five weeks to plan it!

Having made some fab contacts over the years working in this field, once I had designed the look and feel for each bedroom set, my first priority was to source a wide range of props. Everything from wallpaper and rugs to bedding and decorative accessories. I really wanted to create varied and unique looks for each of the beds so I cast my net wide and below you will see the results.

I worked with some amazing suppliers on this project, some of whom truly went the extra mile and were incredibly helpful in getting the right products to me on time and with minimal stress. For this I remain grateful and want to give them a massive BIG UP, so please do read on and you will discover some fantastic furniture and beautiful home decor products that you may very well want to add to your shopping list for your own home *smile*

Relyon Heritage Collection

Emperor bed
Emperor bed
Soft furnishings - Harlequin Lattice throw & People cushions, Bedeck Home, Linum purple silk cushion, Cloudberry Living
Bedside table - Stylist's own
Lamp - Verdone, Glo UK
Accessories - Candle in stem vase, Kenneth Turner, other, stylist's own
Rug - Shetland, Plantation Rug Company 

Grandee bed
Grandee bed
Soft furnishings - Laundered mink throw, Secret Linen, Harlequin Elephant cushions, Bedeck Home, Cushions from Ashley Wilde Wayland collection
Bedside table - Small Chinese cabinet, The Nine Schools 
Lamp - Stylist's own
Accessories - Stylist's own

Status bed
Status bed
Soft furnishings - New Samarkand Collection, Prestigious Textiles
Bedside table - Treasure Island book bedside, Rockett St George
Lamp - Champagne Gold glass lamp, Glo UK
Accessories - Baskets & wooden hearts, Posh Salvage, other, stylist's own
Rug - Rope, Plantation Rug Co

Marquess bed
Marquess bed
Soft furnishings - New Camara collection, Ashley Wilde
Bedside table - Black tray table, Rockett St George
Lamp - Stylist's own
Accessories - Faux cherry blossom, Abigail Ahern canyon vase & ceramic hand all Rockett St George
Rug - Sade, Plantation Rug Co

Balmoral bed
Balmoral bed
Soft furnishings - Hummingbird cushions, Quiirk denim square pillowcase & knitted cotton throw, Secret Linen Store
Bedside table - Belfort, Prestige Furniture
Lamp - Silvaner crystal balls, Glo UK
Accessories - Stylist's own
Rug - Rope, Plantation Rug Co

Woolsack bed
Woolsack bed
Soft furnishings - Harlequin Kaleido cushions & throw, Bedeck Home, black & mink cushions from Ashley Wilde Wayland collection
Bedside table - Dream nest of tables, Rockett St George
Lamp - Smoked glass lamp, Glo UK
Accessories - Sagaform Birdie carafe, Cloudberry Living, Geo hurricane vase, Rockett St George 

Braemar bed
Braemar bed
Soft furnishings - various Clarke & Clarke cushions, smoky blue throw, Secret Linen Store
Bedside table - Loft coffee table, Rockett St George
Lamp -Vita Eos feather lamp, Cloudberry Living 
Accessories - Candle holders & magazine rack, The Contemporary Home, other, stylist's own

Chatsworth bed
Chatsworth bed
Soft furnishings - Harlequin Nalina throw & cushion, Bedeck Home, various cushions, Clarke & Clark
Bedside table - Marina bedside, Rockett St George
Lamp - Antique brass twin lamp, Glo UK
Accessories - Vase, jewellery box & ceramic owl all The Contemporary Home, chair stylist's own
Rug - Shetland, Plantation Rug Company 

Vienna Ortho bed
Vienna Ortho bed
Soft furnishings - Moriko throw, Bedeck Home, various cushions, Clarke & Clark
Bedside table - Stylist's own
Lamp - Ravello, Astro Lighting
Accessories -Lucy Burley yellow vase, Quiirk, other, stylist's own
Rug - Maisey, Plantation Rug Co

So as not to overload you with too much in one go (!) I will post the beautiful imagery of part two, the Classic Collection tomorrow.

In the meantime, huge huge huge thanks to all of the following suppliers;

I hope you like the results of the Relyon Heritage Collection photo shoot. If so, watch out for my next blog post with all of the photos of the Classic Collection beds. Printed copies of the details brochures containing lots more images will be out in stores end Jan / early Feb. For more information please visit the Relyon website.

Until tomorrow... x