Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Forever-lasting blooms

I love that feeling you get when someone gives you a beautiful bunch of flowers (ok, so maybe that should read I love that feeling you get when you choose a bunch of flowers to buy for your home!) and you put them into a vase that carries them off perfectly and you just stand back to admire them and beam.
Flowers bring me such joy, although I'll admit, much to my mother's disgust, that I can barely name more than the number of digits on my hands and feet but it is more than depressing to know that before you feel like you've really appreciated them they will have wilted, turned brown and despite all attempts to revive them have died. Boo, the vase stands empty and you think to yourself "shall I wait for someone to buy me some more or shall I fritter away my own hard-earned cash to replace them?"
Well ladies (and flower loving gentlemen) aside from buying potted flowers that tend to last a lot longer, home restyler today came across a marvellous alternative. Whilst not revolutionary in the idea itself, the design of these gorgeous and totally unique paper flowers is one to be admired. They are so colourful, fun and jaunty and totally simple but wow-factor. I love them.
Bright statement-making stems

Simple vase with blooms

Clever use as garland

So cute as cake-toppers

How you'll find them in the pack
Frustratingly these flowers are sold by &Klevering, Amsterdam, Holland...and as far as home restyler can see from searching the web, they are not as yet available in the UK...eek...but for all you (wannabe) crafters out there, this is a great example of a simple idea that can be tailor-made to complement your existing interior design and all for just the cost of the paper and wire.

If you make any of your own paper flowers, do email home restyler photos of them in situ and they could appear on this blog!

All images: www.kzuid.nl

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  1. To buy unique paper flowers made from Beano comics from only £2 and in the UK (hooray!) contact @TheRealTMA on twitter. Paste this link http://twitpic.com/5egbf6 into your browser to see one of the creations itself.