Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Time to get fresh!

Gosh, I'm back at my desk following a fab Christmas and there's already so much to do...it's all so exciting! I have all sorts planned that I look forward to sharing with you over the coming months...

Happy New Year!
I love the start to a new year. As much as I love decorating for the festive period, I also get so much satisfaction from taking it all down, having a readlly good clean and sort out ready to 're-merchandise' the whole house. Trouble is I'm always so tempted to redecorate the whole house and try out new colour schemes...So this year I'm focusing my attention on making the most of what I already have whilst trying to whittle down my wish list of all things homey that I'm obsessing about currently.

My top tips for curbing the desire to rip-out and start over;

1. Find a project within the home that you keep putting off and GET ON WITH IT! 

A beautiful colour co-ordinated walk-in wardobe...a girl can dream, right?!
For me, this is transforming what the previous owners of my house made into a master bedroom en-suite into a walk-in wardrobe. Seeing as the house is on the market I'm trying to do this on a tight budget but to make-it look complete, perfectly formed and desirable for both me and any potential buyer. This is the last room in the house that needs to a total overhaul since we bought it and gutted it 1 and 1/2 years ago. Time to crack on with it...I'll keep you posted!

2. Re-merchandise what you already own

When I decorate for Christmas I put away a lot of my objects and home accessories, so when it comes to the NewYear, I take it all out again and look at it with a fresh perspective. Why not gather all (or if you have rather a lot) some of yours and take a look at them with a fresh pair of eyes. Re-jig your furniture and you'll achieve a whole new look for a room. Move cushions, pictures and objects around and you'll be surprised how different your home will look.

3. Buy some fresh flowers

Yellow blooms will brighten any room
Putting a bunch of fresh flowers in a vase in your home at the start of the new year, somehow breathes new light and energy into the house. It adds colour, lifts the mood and doesn't cost much. It's my wedding anniversary today so you never know, I may not even have to buy my own hee hee!

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and New Years celebration and I look forward to sharing all things wonderfully homey with you throughout 2012!


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  1. Happy Anniversary! Great blog. I had fun yesterday taking down all the decorations and spring cleaning! Xx