Wednesday, 13 February 2013

A little freebie from me to you

Are you thinking of making over a room?

I'm in mega mood board mode at the mo & am in a sharing kinda mood plus I've got a couple hours spare tomorrow, sooooo if you fancy a little inspirational freebie to help get your decorating juices flowing then pop a comment here or on my facebook page, let me know what it is you're thinking of doing & I'll create a little style board on Pinterest for someone.

Well, it's Valentines tomorrow and seeing as I don't 'celebrate' it, I thought I'd share the love like this instead *smile*

So if you fancy a freebie then give me a quick brief of what you're looking for and your contact details and I'll be in touch with one of you soon!

No catches...I just feel like doing it for the love of it!

Katey x


  1. I would love some ideas as i'm moving my 3 year old into a new room so am going to repaint/paper/curtains. I don't want to do something massively kiddy (no spiderman!) but want it to be light, fun and creative. Any ideas?

  2. Hi Laura, thanks for your message. How exciting! Email me at & tell me is your 3 year old a boy or girl, what is s/he into (my daughter adores pink & is 100% girly!) and I'll create a board. As its half term from today I'll be 'away from my desk' for nearly two weeks but I will look forward to styling a board for a fun & creative toddlers room when I'm back! Katey x