Wednesday, 6 March 2013

A case study about my business in an actual BOOK! A printed book! OMG!

 WOOOOOHOOOOO! I am a tad bit over excited at the mo!!! This fab book just arrived in the post and look...

yes, that says Home Restyler, a case study about my little business. I actually can't quite believe it!

A book that will be for sale in all good bookshops any time soon and available at Amazon from March 15th. 

Ok, time to calm down and tell you a little more. This book has been written by Emma Jones MBE, business expert and founder of small business support company Enterprise Nation (which I wrote about in a post in January) in conjunction with House Beautiful magazine. It's a book for anyone who has a passion, skill or hobby involving interiors and an interested in turning this into a successful business.

When I originally contributed to the book, I had no idea of the final outcome of it, I kind of imagined a mini magazine with a short shelf life, but this is amazing. I feel honoured, delighted and so excited to be part of something so inspiring and business based. I love the fact my case study is in chapter eight: sell, sell, sell! Hee hee *smile*

I hope you like it and I hope the books readers find it helpful and gives them the impetus to go for it!

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  1. Congratulations, Katey! So, when and where did you have your book launch? I am sure your ideas will help those who want to join the world of SME (Small and Medium Enterprise). The layout design is pretty inviting and neat. It looks like it's perfectly printed and bound in glossy paper, so I think it will not easily get worn out. Anyway, keep us posted, especially if you'll have the chance to write and publish another book! Keep up the good work!
    -Hoa Bracken