Thursday, 2 May 2013

Beautiful period style homeware with a dash of English nostalgia

Every so often a request hits the right spot and inspires me to blog about it and share the love. So today I'd very much like to let you into a secret. Ok, so not exactly a secret, because this fab online boutique has been building it reputation since it launched in late 2010, but it's just had a complete overhaul and relaunch and is crammed to the brim with a range of new products. So if you're looking for period style homeware and accessories for your modern period home this is where it's at.

Victorian style cast iron rim lock

Grace & Glory harks back to the past, with a feeling of English nostalgia but is constantly evolving to encompass new trends and materials. As such this beautiful online boutique offers products for classic period properties and more contemporary homes alike.  The collection includes a select range of indoor and outdoor lighting, kitchen and utility ware, ceramics and other beautiful home accessories.

colourful ceramic hat & coat hooks

What stands Grace & Glory out from the crowd is it's impressive range of period hardware. Whether you're looking for brass door knockers, nickel finger plates or rim locks and latches, you'll be sure to find them. What's more Grace & Glory offer a period homeware sourcing service, so if they don't stock what you're searching for, just ask, I'm sure they'll be able to track it down for you.

raw oak towel ladder

Brompton table lamp

Psst... if you find something you like on their website, click onto their newsletter here and you'll get 10% off your order. You can't say I never give you anything *wink*


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