Sunday, 18 December 2011

Decorate for next to nothing this Christmas

How are you getting on with decorating the house this Christmas? Are you organised or are you somewhat lost for time, ideas or money to create the right look? If you’re still stuck, look no further; here are three quick and easy to make creative ideas to help you decorate your home for next to nothing.

Sweet Paul's beautiful natural Christmas driftwood decorations

1. Winter wonderland display for your sideboard or dresser
You will need: a white table runner or 3-5 silver place mats or mirrored plates (depending on length of sideboard), twigs/branches (various sizes), pine cones, white paint, silver (glitter) spray, a mixture of 3-5 clear glass/white/silver vases, tealight candles and holders, silver baubles, glass nuggets, glitter and a string of fairy lights.

Simple decorations often have the most impact

How to make: roughly paint your twigs/branches and pine cones with white paint and when dry spray with silver (glitter) spray. Place the runner, mats or plates along the sideboard, space out the vases along the runner or on each mat/plate, stand the twigs/branches in the vases and position the candles in between the vases. Carefully weave the fairy lights along the dresser, in and around each vase and candleholder, then place pine cones, glass nuggets, baubles and glitter all along the surface. Wait until it is dark, light the candles, turn on the fairy lights and see your winter wonderland twinkle and shimmer!

2. Festive bunting to hang across your windows
You will need: decorative string, tape or ribbon cut to a length to fit where you plan to hang your bunting, pretty wrapping paper cut into stars, heart, star or tree shapes (make sure you cut enough to double up each shape) and PVA glue.

I love this bunting by Hung Up On Retro
How to make: place your first shape underneath the middle of the string with the design side of the paper facing down, spread glue over the shape and string, place another same sized shape exactly on top with the design side of the paper facing you and press down firmly.  Repeat this process along the string in 10-15cm intervals until you have a full string of bunting. Voila!

3. Parcel pictures to hang on your walls
You will need: empty picture frames (any shape or size), plain wrapping paper, pretty ribbon, felt shapes and/or stickers (snowflakes, hearts or anything festive) and sticky tape.

All the bits you  need to make

The finished article...shame it's not one to open ;)

How to make: remove the back panel from the frame, wrap the back panel in wrapping paper (so that when you put the panel back on you see the wrapping paper through the glass), then lay on lengths of ribbon across the paper to give the effect of it being tied in ribbon. Stick the ends of the ribbon with tape on the rear side, then embellish with felt shapes and or stickers. Place the panel back on the frame and you will have a ‘picture’ of a wrapped Christmas present to hang on the wall!

I hope you're having fun decorating this Christmas...only 6 sleeps to go!

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