Friday, 9 December 2011

Easy to make festive decorations

I've been having great fun decorating today!
The most important thing, aside from having all the right 'ingredients' for making beautiful displays, is having the time to make them. I've done the hard work and sourced lots of things and spent time now all you have to do is take a look, see if you like any of them and just copy them for your own homes.
Have fun creating and why not share your decorative displays with Home Restyler and we can feature them on the blog.

Parcel pictures to hang on your walls

You will need: empty picture frames (any shape or size), plain wrapping paper, pretty ribbon, felt shapes and/or stickers (snowflakes, hearts or anything festive) and sticky tape.

How to make: remove the back panel from the frame, wrap the back panel in wrapping paper (so that when you put the panel back on you see the wrapping paper through the glass), then lay on lengths of ribbon across the paper to give the effect of it being tied in ribbon. Stick the ends of the ribbon with tape on the rear side, then embellish with felt shapes and or stickers. Place the panel back on the frame and you will have a ‘picture’ of a wrapped Christmas present to hang on the wall!

Silver & white floral display

You will need: table-top florist stand, round florist oasis, various foliage and berries, large church candle, silver garland and silver decoration

How to make: soak the oasis overnight, once soaked stick the garland around the outisde egde of the oasis then evenly insert foliage into the oasis, stick in decorations, place the oasis on the stand, place the candle in the middle and light.

A welcoming entrance for your guests

I hope you like Home restyler's creations...have fun making your own!

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