Thursday, 31 January 2013

I Made It!

Not every working day is for 'working'. Some working days are for learning, for meeting and for experiencing. These nonofficial work days definitely make you happier, expand your knowledge and introduce you to new things, people and places. Yesterday was one of those days for me. In fact yesterday was down right glorious and not only did I feel lucky but I appreciated every moment of it.

Rainbow colour fabrics, no greige here!

As I've said before it's the simple things. Shall I tell you what I did? Quite simply I;

* packed my Christmas gift - a sewing machine - into my car

* drove to one of the prettiest of towns in South Devon - Dartmouth - singing along to Lenny  
   Kravitz all the way & smiling all the way (I couldn't believe it, the sun was out!)

* spent three hours at Made it, literal creative heaven, as Yvonne (a totally lovely and very
   knowledgeable woman in all things creative) taught me how to use my sewing machine

* made a cute little cushion for Heidi with ballerina printed fabric she chose herself

* ate homemade cake (please can I have the recipe Yvonne?!) and drank numerous cups of tea

The first thing I have ever sewn! and phew, Heidi loved it!

What more can I say? Not only did I meet Yvonne who truly was a great teacher and generally lovely to chat with and learn to use my machine, that I have looked at every day since December 25th thinking "I really would love to use you but haven't the foggiest where to begin", I have been given a whole new impetus to get making. I often bang on about personalising your home, making interior styling more affordable, finding the right finishing touches...what better than you make them yourself?

Here are a few snaps from Yvonne's shop Made it in Dartmouth and a link to where you can find out more about her courses. Always fancied dress making? Wanted to learn how to sew but would prefer to do it in the comfort of your own home? Yvonne offers all sorts of courses so it's definitely worth taking a look and giving over one of your working days for a nonofficial work day *smile*

Jewellery making...

Buttons galore...

Sewing kits...

Ribbons, bows, ric rac...
Beautiful Dartmouth
Right, so what shall I make next? Hmm maybe I'll just practice threading up the machine first!


  1. Beautiful! Do you do commissions?! X

    1. Thank you Sarah. I certainly do! Anything for you my lovely :) x

  2. Wow that sounds amazing!! Much better than sitting looking at your sewing machine. Right, i need to get a sewing machine!! X

  3. Thanks for the lovely blog post. It was such a lovely morning...we must do it again sometime soon! What have you made since last week? See you soon for more sewing fun. Xxx

    1. You're welcome Yvonne! It was fab and I'll definitely do another course another day. What with my godmothers funeral, an ill daughter for 2 days, going to Twickenham to watch the rugby, buying school uniform all in one for the new school I haven't had a moment to myself let alone a chance to sew! I'm looking forward to sitting down to do some once my new threads arrive :)x