Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Before & After furniture restyle: small objects

I have a migraine today so this is a quick post to share with you my latest small item restyles.

First up is a 20's style black mirror, which I found at a car boot sale. I simply painted it with Annie Sloan Paris Grey paint, coated it with a thin layer of wax, distressed it slightly to let some black through and voila, a simple, modern mirror for the yet to be wallpapered downstairs cloakroom.

20's style car boot find mirror - before
20's style car boot find mirror - after  
Next up is a well loved old table, made by my mum's uncle who spent his working life as carpenter. This is one of the first pieces he ever made and although it's wonky I just love the fact it's still as useful as ever. So I lovingly coated it in Cream paint, then added a coat of Paris Grey, waxed & sanded it down to create a prettly little flower table.

Wonky old table - before
Wonky old table -after

Lastly today is a wicker mirror I bought years ago. I bought it in a rush just to fill a blank space on a wall in my guest bedroom before friends came to stay. I've always hated it and came across whilst rummaging around my garage last week. So rather than bin it, I thought I'd give it a rough lick of paint and use it to fill another blank wall space in my hallway. I'm pleased with the outcome, who'd have thought!

Wicker mirror - before
Wicker mirror -after
One last thing, I have to share with you is the joy of the Gladioli. I just adore their presence in the room when simply placed in a vase. The choice of colour always fills me with joy so I thought I'd share with you the bunch that is currently brightening up my living room.

Yellow Gladioli - enough to make my heart sing!

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