Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Make your own...curtain tie-backs

Amidst lots of excitement in the world of home restyler (more about new developments to follow soon...) I have been thinking about curtain tie-backs. 

I often find that there is a relatively limited choice of individual designs out there, which has inspired me to think about creating your very own that you can co-ordinate with your curtains and room decor. Not only does it allow for perfect matching but also affords you the chance to make something that is entirely personal to you and makes a simple, affordable yet unique one-off piece that will be a talking point in any of your rooms. 

All you need to do is colour match some beads, which could be glass, felt, metal, plastic or fabric (keep it simple with either a string of one type of bead or mix it up with various shapes and sizes) and find some ribbon, wire or string and get threading them on. Tra la!

how perfect would these be as tie-backs?!

Ooh felt balls...not just for tie-backs but a multitude of crafty projects!
Beautiful green double velvet ribbon

So cute, so on-trend yellow polka dot ribbon

There are so many different kinds of beads and balls, strings and ribbons. Some ribbon is best left plain others are calling out to be adorned. Check out the likes of Etsy and Folksy for more inspiration. And a plus for all you craftaphobics out there, this idea needs no sewing kit at all ;)

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