Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Making the advent wreath

I am bursting to the seams with excitement and anticipation for the four weeks that lie ahead of me. The joys and delights of enjoying Christmastime to the maximum. I truly am like a child in a sweet shop surrounded by the most delicious treats, just waiting to be tasted and delected. Can you tell I'm in my element?! And to top it off, I'm off to Germany very soon for a quick trip to indulge in all the wonderful delights of the Bavarian Christmas markets and all of what the interior shops have to offer. Yippee!

This weekend I took some time to create my Christmas advent wreath, which is currently sat on its lonesome on the dining room table, waiting to be joined by all of the other decorations yet to be hung up... so today I share with you the before and afters of this years wreath.

The theme is contemporary Scandi white, red and silver with mirrored base, glitter, snowflakes and hearts.

All the makings...

Setting the scene...
Red & white candles

The finished article

Simply embellished candles & felt snowflakes

Silver sprayed stones & painted wicker balls

The first candle lit...

...enjoying the candlelight with Gluehwein and mini Stollen!

 I hope you like my design. Why not email me photos of yours so I can share them on the blog too?

Happy advent wreath making!


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  1. I love your wreath it's fab! And, if I actually got round to it I would make one and email pics to you...but instead I'm just going to keep looking at yours and feel Christmassy. I did put apple juice on my shopping list so I can make Winter Pimms this weekend...does that count? xxx