Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Setting the scene...

There's nothing like a brisk walk along the beach first thing in the morning to clear the head and fill it with new ideas and inspiration! I thought today I'd share with you some of my favourite little 'scenes' that I have created in my home, which may provide you with some ideas for how to set the scene in your house in the time before decorating for Christmas. I hope you like them!

mossy dining table centrepiece

my continuing love for tree stumps!

painted frames + wallpaper samples, simple use of yellow rick rack

prettying up the kitchen worktop

cute little jelly moulds!

white, grey & silver hallway decor

nature's finds
I hope you like some of my creations...I'm desperately trying to hold off decorating for Christmas... I already have the boxes down from the attic and have been rifling through them. I need to obviously, to make sure I know what I need to buy to add to the collection this year, don't I?! I'm being patient though, as I'm off to my most favourite place for all things Christmassy next week....Germany hooray! I think I'd better take an empty suitcase becuase I KNOW I am going to find LOTS I want to buy there ;) How are you getting on with your Christmas decoration planning?


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  1. Your home looks lovely! I particularly like the plush grey lampshade. Have a great time in Germany.