Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Taking inspiration from nature

Today is one of those days where I have been really appreciating the small things. Unfortunately, last Friday I damaged my back so perhaps it's thanks to the cocktail of strong painkillers that I have slowed down (and when I say slowed down, that is quite an achievement for little miss whirlwind me!) and stopped to take stock of the little things that we can use to make a big difference.

A carpet of burnt orange, rust & deep red

 The leaves are finally turning and all around are stunning natural, earthy tones of terracotta, indian reds, gold and bronze. (Driving from Powderham to Exminster has to be one of the most stunning routes at this time of year!)

These gorgeous colours don't just have to stay indoors, so how about bringing some of them into your home with candles, squashes and woodland forage finds.

A collection of squashes in a porch, mixed with fallen leaves & berries, next to chopped logs piled high, ready to keep the fire burning all through the cold months, is my idea of the perfect porch! Would that I live in the deep countryside, but I'm just not at that phase of my life yet. Forward planning though...

What an entrance this would make!

Create stunning displays using only what is natural, finished off with coulourful candles and beautiful ribbon.

Autumal display  

For real wow-factor, decorate a picture frame with pine cones, cinnamon sticks, dried slices of citrus fruits, gold-sprayed berries and natural leaves. You could just glue them onto strips of bark to create a raw, natural looking long centrepiece for your dining table or you make a Christmas wreath for your front door.

A natural creation by yonibunga

For a more simple display, add a bag of oranges or grapefruits to your weekly shop and pile them up next to a white display of candles. Simple, cheap and scented! Waste not, want not, when you get peckish you 'll have a healthy snack to hand! Group some nuts next to the fruit for a less stark look.

Simple, cheap & scented

For another, edible splash of atumnal colour, in your home, make some heart warming carrot & coriander soup, serve with crusty rye bread and relax. Bliss.


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