Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Before & after: geometric stool

I'm looking at my watch in disbelief...it's 5pm, where has the day gone?! I have to say, I'm loving the fact that the air has turned crisp, there's a chill to it making me glad of my snug boots and warm jumper and to top it off the sun is shining. Can I justify a hot chocolate when I clock off today?!

I have been working really hard of late, trying to get everything ready for the Contemporary Homemade Fair where I'll be selling my wares in Exmister next Saturday. Here is oneof the latest items to be finished and set aside ready for selling...

Unloved stool before

This poor stool was hidden in a dark corner of an antiques shop near Southampton, when I came across it. It was very tatty, the cover loose and worn and it was crying out for a total overhaul so..

Restyled stool after

...I took it under my wing and gave it a new lease of life! I painted the stool in a mixture of paints to match a funky geometric print fabric I had in my collection, gave it a good distressing and completed it with some flanged braid to create a modern yet classic looking stool. Perfect to just have around to rest your weary feet on or to pile magazines on.

Sitting pretty next to my last few plants to be potted up

Many more to follow...

Happy chilly evening!


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  1. Ohhhh love the stool! A very successful day by the looks of it! and, yes, hot chocolate is definitely allowed x