Tuesday, 4 October 2011

What is most important in life?

Wow, sometimes things are sent to try us and make us think about what really matters in life. Generally we think about all of the tasks and chores we need to get done to get through the day, without much stopping to think about the wider picture. Well this weekend knocked me sideways and made me think about life, us - you & me, human fragility and "what's it all about?".

Why, when I ordinarily spend the majority of my time thinking about all things home, am I in the midst of such deep thinking, you may wonder? My husband Simon has spent the past four months training for the Jersey marathon. He set himself the challenge as he had always wanted to complete a marathon, and aside from a bout of illness towards the end of the training period, was committed to running within a respectable four hours. So, we flew to Jersey (minus my gorgeous girlie, who was having a whale of a time with her grandparents!) and felt like we were on a mediterranean summer holiday. Perfectly clear blue sky, wall to wall sunshine, turquoise waters, relaxed cafe culture, a stunning hotel...shame he had a marathon to run really, but hey I still got to drink cocktails!

Simon, before the race, in front of the finish line...

So far, so good. After a breakfast of two bananas, he merrily set off to the start line along with about 400 other runners, ready to begin the race at 9am. For some reason I had a sense of foreboding and had made him promise me he wouldn't do something like die, it was after all going to be 29 degrees on that very day. For the next few hours I pootled about taking in the sights and sounds of the local St Helier area and at 12.30 I got myself a prime viewing position, ready to cheer on Matt (my husbands colleague) and Simon as they came the last 100 metres before crossing the finish line. I saw Matt fly past, pretty damn good at 3hrs43 mins and kept waiting... after 4.5 hrs I started feeling sick...after 5 hours I turned to the man on my right and said "So when do I start worrying and call the hospital?!"...

...two minutes later my phone rang "Hello, Mrs Korzenietz, this is St Helier Accident & Emergency department. Your husband is with us and you should come here immediately".

Gulp. Panic. Fear. Tears.

"Where am I? Oh, St Helier, Jersey. Where is the hospital please? How do I get there? Can someone help me please?"

Without going into detail my husband had run 24 miles so had only 2 miles left until the finish. Ever the stubborn, determined and optimistic dedicated guy that he is, he had ignored all of the warning signals that started after only 13 miles and had kept running. Despite lots of water he collapsed and was rushed to A&E. He had suffered severe dehydration, sunstroke and had a body temperature of 40 degrees. He doesn't remember how he fell, the ambulance ride or about 15 minutes of the whole experience. He woke in hospital very confused.

He could have seriously damaged himself and if he hadn't have been helped and taken to hospital as soon as he was, the outcome could have been grave.

The runners waiting at the start line

So, if you have had the patience to read this I imagine you will be able to empathise with me and understand why it is that I have been asking myself 'what is important in life?'

All I can say, now that my husband is back home and much better (although not 100%), family and friends are absolutely everything. They are what is most important in life. Their health, their happiness and them just being around.

So today, I'm not going to blog about furniture, money-saving tips or ideas and inspiration but just remind you, that although we all need to do our jobs and chores, we also need to regularly stop and give a bloody great big hug to those that we hold dear and special in our lives!

Thanks for reading, big hugs x



  1. Absolutely. It is so easy to lose sight of what really matters. Thank you for taking the time to remind us. Hope Simon gets fully fit again very soon.

  2. Thank you so much for your comment Ruth x

  3. Brings tears of empathy and parental relief to my eyes! Lovely sentiment and so well said Katey.