Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Loopy hoopy wall art

Colour, bright vivid colour and bold funky patterns make my heart sing!

These are my latest handmade-tastic creations - loopy hoopys! People have often commented that they find it hard to find that perfect piece of art or decorative object for their walls, or that they just can't find wall art that is the right colour for the space they want to fill. So, taking some inspiration from an American maker, I decided to make some bold and funky wall art myself.

I took 3 sizes of wooden embroidery hoops (10", 9" and 8"), covered them in some vivid, floral fabric and embellished them with a few little buttons to give them more depth and a 3D look. Pretty quick, inexpensive and so simple but oh so impactful and most importantly totally unique.

I've made them to sell at the Contemporary Homemade Fair at Victory Hall in Exminster this Saturday 29th October (only 4 days away!) but I'm finding it terribly hard to package them up for sale. When a friend commented on how fab they would look in my living room I very much agreed and now want to keep them for myself...but hey ho, it gives me an excuse to go out fabric hunting to make up a load more!

Let me know your thoughts on my loopy hoopys and if you go and make some yourself please email me some photos so I can share them on the blog.


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