Thursday, 20 October 2011

Restyle: from fusty to funky

Talk about fusty, smelly and down-trodden... this poor old ottoman was left lonely in a charity shop. A long time had it been left on it's lonesome, dreaming of the day someone would come to its resuce and give it some longed for tender loving care.

 Well, as luck would have it, one Home Restyler did happen upon it and with much glee handed over a few notes and brought it back to Restyler HQ to give it a total overhaul... see what you think...

Cute, little thing from the font

Ooh, nice behind!

Inside from above

With it's little insert, would be great as a sewing box

Funky fabric up close

I have a feeling this little ottoman come sewing box hadn't had its lid lifted in about 50 years. Wow that fusty, musty moth-eaten stype of smell was pretty instense but now, after it's restyle it smells as fresh as a daisy.

It has been painted in various shade depths of Louis Blue and Old White paint and re-upholstered in, what I think is a totally funky, retro looking blue and green treescape fabric. I've added a braid around the edge of the lid fabric too. Whoever ends up buying this piece could make a matching seat cushion to go on top of the lid, however I like it the way it is - distressed, washed down and radical - yeah baby!

If you want to see it for real or any of my other restyled furniture, why not pop along to the Contemporary Homemade Fair at Victory Hall, Exminster on Saturday 29th October between 10am - 4pm. Don't come too late in the day though, as if last year is anything to go by, most things sell quite fast. There will be plenty there to see and buy and also lots of yummy cakes to eat...mine'll be coffee & walnut or lemon drizzle, actually maybe chocolate brownie, no make that a scone... see what have I told you about being totally indecisive!

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