Thursday, 11 August 2011

Create your own interior style on a shoestring - part two

My first installment about creating your own interior style on a shoestring was all about reusing and recycling. Part two is a continuation of the theme but focusing on doorknobs.

Whether it is repainting a whole object or simply placing it in a new position within your home, changing a small element of a piece of furniture can totally transform it's look. Today I would like to share with you some tips about changing doorknobs and handles to breathe new life into old things.


Keep your eyes open for different and unusual knobs when you are out and about. Even if you don 't have a specific piece of furniture in mind if you see some you like they will be worth buying for future restyles. You could even make your own like these stone doorknobs


If you like the shape of a doorknob but not it's colour, why not repaint it. Either coat it with a new paint colour or create a crackled paint effect for an aged look. Or simply buy plain unlaquered wooden doorknobs and get colour creative
Unlaquered beech doorknob

Decorate the doorknobs you already have by hanging strings of beads, ribbons, necklaces, baubles... over them, this will add an instant pretty effect and decorate the entrance to a room


Doorknobs come in all shapes, sizes and colours. Oversized knobs will create impact on a door or chest of drawers, whilst china or flower-shaped glass ones will add glamour and charm


Sometimes an old piece of furniture just isn't salvageable, but before you throw it out make sure you keep any handles that are worth saving


Nail a line of doorknobs onto a piece of wood and you have an instant coat hook rail


Who'd have thought there was so much you could do to adorn your doors, drawers and walls!
Happy doorknob decorating!

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