Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Time flies...

I am soo sorry for not writing over the past week but it's been go go go at Home Restyler towers recently, well when I say towers, a more fitting description might actually be a slightly swamped with piles of magazines, brochures and swatches, two-desked home office that my husband has chosen to cover in HIS paperwork...

So just to make sure you that you know that I'm not lying, here's what I've been up to;
  • painting my bedroom wardrobe - photos to follow soon
  • writing an article for my first column in Exeter Express & Echo - out Wednesday 8th September
  • writing feature tips for Devon Life January 2011 issue - out end of 2011
Devon Life issue September 2011

  • sourcing delicious raspberry pink upholstery fabric & researching vintage floral curtain fabrics - for my most lovely client (can't divulge too much, she's not seen any of it yet...)
Along this theme...

  • developing a new creative DM - at early stages of developing a plan with a new business partner
  • and and and
loving every minute of it!

More soon x


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