Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Three key autumn/winter interior trends

Despite it being summer, well in the loosest of terms, take the rubbish weather so far this week as your example, I am getting so excited about what lies ahead this autumn / winter. For those of you who know me, I am one of the festives seasons' biggest fans and adore all things wood-y/forest-y, Alps-y, candles, cosy,  cinnamon-y...are you getting the picture?! So the anticipation of two of this autumn / winter's biggest interiors trends being 'Scandinavian Living' and 'Texture' (think wool, velvet, tweed, crochet...) fills me with glee!

With our weather being less predictable, and following such cold temperatures & snow last winter, we want to make sure we are well equipped in the home, making it snug, cosy and comforting. 'Scandinavian Living' is largely based on the climate (brutal winters and months of darkness) with designs that are inspired by things that have a sense of lightness about them. Bring this together with 'Texture' and think natural materials, pale wood - white pine, ash, beech and birch, patterned textiles, geometric prints, knitted objects, fur throws…

ferm LIVING AW11
For ferm LIVING this aumtum / winter is all about "raw nature; the perfect backdrop for our universe of strong graphic lines and honest materials like wood, wool, organic cotton, leather, cork and paper. All these amazing materials twisted into straight forward and geometric shapes create our new and well crafted collection. Welcome to the woods and to our version of autumn/winter 2011".

The third trend is for deep jewel tone colours. At the autumn/winter 2011 Milan Fashion Week Gucci’s collection included jewelled colours, provocative, sheer evening gowns, and extravagant fox jackets dyed in shades of purple, emerald, turquoise, orange and fuschia.  Following on from this, one of 2011's biggest decorating trend colours is amethyst purple. 
  • One way to introduce amethyst into your interior scheme is to use grey as the neutral backdrop and add this warm, luxuriant and stimulating colour to lift the mood and create a sophisticated, relaxing look. Then add acid yellow accents i.e. cushions, rug and vases to give the scheme some drama and wow factor.
Amethyst & acid yellow

Ok, so I'm not ready to ditch my flop-flops quite yet, but I just wanted to share with you my moment of excitement about all of the scandi, textural and amethyst coloured soft furnishings and home accessories that are waiting to be admired later this year (maybe in just a month or so!?.

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