Thursday, 15 September 2011

Achica we love you!

There are many things that excite me; bright coloured anything, the turn of season, Haribo, receiving an unexpected parcel...the list goes on and on... but today what is exciting me the most is Achica. I've been a member for a long time and I recommended it back on 6th September but until today I've never really explored it in enough detail. Suffice to say, it really is brilliant!

You may have heard the name before, you may not have but believe me I recommend you read on to find out what it is all about...

Achica is an online members-only luxury lifestyle store that is free to join. Members benefit from exclusive savings on home and lifestyle brands with new, limited time promotions, which are added every day. The discounts are generous and can save you serious money.  Achica's carefully select each item to ensure that only the most stylish products appear in their promotions.

You have to register, but registration is free and once you've signed up you get a daily email letting you know which offers are available on that day. I know Christmas may seem a long way in the future but if you're like me and you love a bargain, get satisfaction from being organised and want to get your mitts on some of the most stylish products currently on the market then you'll LOVE this website.

Today I have ordered this cushion from ferm LIVING and saved £25.95!
And I'm also considering buying these super-funky bowls for my princess-obsessed daughter's 3rd birthday. They are by Jackie Shapiro for French Bull and are part of a range of simply the coolest melamine tableware out there. If I do buy, I'd be saving £10.05 on a set of 4 bowls.

Also on offer today are a selection of products from:

Normann Copenhagen

Garden Trading


Go and register, this is something not to be missed. But don't blame me if you end up logging in everyday and buying too many lovely things ;)

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