Thursday, 29 September 2011

Before & After furniture restyle: Edgy side-table

I'm sorry that the re-styles have been a bit on the quiet side of late, but these things take time and patience and, for me, are a labour of love. I currently have a lot of projects in varying states of restyling including a very groovy ottoman, a cute triangular mini-corner cupboard as well as stools, mirrors and frames. All of these items have to be finished by 29th October (eek!) as they will all be for sale at the Contemporary Homemade Fair, which is being held at Victory Hall, Exminster, Devon (near Exeter) from 10am - 4pm...much more info on that to follow soon!


Anyway, back to where I started, this evening I would like to share with you a funky little table that my mother's uncle made many years ago. Some might say that it was fine as it was i.e. in it's pre-painted state and to some extent I do agree. The shape of it is so unique and timeless - one of those pieces that will stand the test of time and fit in with many decor schemes. I have chosen not to sell this item as I absolutely love it and have put it on my landing so I get to see it everytime I go and up down my staircase, which is generally a lot of times as I am forever forgetting why I went up or down in the first place!

After - straight lines softened by hearts & flowers

I hope you like the table. There will be a lot more before and afters to come over the following month...

Something else I just have to share with you this evening is this shot of my papa.

Papa & the collection of tree stumps

Bless him and his Husqvarna chainsaw gear! He is always more than happy to help and today he got all chainsaw happy and delighted in chopping lots of tree stumps for me, ready for some fab items I'll be making for the Contemporary Homemade this space...!

Oh and in the meantime my ever so talented mum created this wonderful autumnal floral display, using a selection of plants and flowers from their garden...such green fingers and so talented at creating stunning and unique displays x

Beautiful autumnal floral display

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