Thursday, 29 September 2011

Latest love: logpile wallpaper

What a beautiful morning! I've just had an exhilerating march to start the day off and decided I just can't wait any longer to write about my latest favourite love of the moment. I wanted to wait for a chilly autumnal day to write this post but after looking through the wallpaper samples I've been sent whilst annoyingly in a state of insomnia last night (prob due to too much bubbly!) I'm blogging it-tastic today!

Home Restyler's latest love!

Freelance graphic & textile designer and roddy & ginger business owner Virginia Armstrong designs and sells her vintage inspired textiles from her studio in south-east London. For me, she has captured a look and feel that is just so appealing and natural in shape, form and colour. As any of my regular readers will know, I love a classic retro vibe and Virginia's designs are totally on my wave-length.

This autumn, she launched the logpile wallpaper collection, which has such a natural, earthy and somewhat eccentric feel to it. The colours are spot on for this autumn / winter bringing three woodland themed colours into the home: woodsmoke, silver birch and moss yellow. 
The 52cmx10metre rolls retail at £52.00 each and are available now from the roddy & ginger onlineshop

The logpile design isn’t only available as wallpaper but also  as teatowels, cushions and pillowcases.

roddy & ginger also have other designs in the range including folkdancers, woodland owls and lovebirds amongst others, which are available to buy as screenprints, teatowels, cushions, shopping bags and aprons...yum, so much to choose from...

As one might imagine, Virginia's house is also rather deliciously filled with her designs and is a real testament to her taste, style and love for all things vintage and retro. Not surprisingly her house has recently been photographed for House Beautfiful magazine. Here are a few snaps, which were taken by Eve Ashby of South West Make-Up, whilst there filming for another shoot.

The search for inspiration for my new living room is sorted. Now just to sell the house and find the right one to buy...

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  1. I was lucky enough to film in Virginia's house last week and can confirm it definitely has the wow factor! Each room shows her eye for style and design and overall the house feels like you're stepping within the pages of a magazine.
    Over the years I have been lucky enough to work in some amazing locations, but never have I had a make-up room as stylish as the room I was using at Virginia's house. Which inspired me to take a few pics before I left for a post titled "My best make-up room to date".
    Thanks for the link Katey. This is a fantastic blog post and I love your style of writing - keep up the good work.
    Eve xxx