Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Snuggle up

Ah the turn of season. Despite my love of summer sunshine, days on the beach and late evening al fresco dining, there is something so comforting about the days getting shorter and the air becoming colder. I love the fact that come late evening I now need to turn on a few lights around the house, draw some curtains shut and put my snug and cosy new bootie slippers on. My flip-flops and summer dresses have been packed away and my wardrobe is now full of woollen jumpers, warm coats and winter boots. I love the newness of wrapping a scarf around my neck each day and the feeling of cooler, fresher air blow across my cheeks when out for a beach walk or apple picking.

Now that summer has ended my thoughts turn to cosying up the house and making it a a truly comfortable, snuggleable and cosy place to retreat and be warm and cosy. It's time to replace the summer cushions and light linens and bring in all things knitted, sheepskin, cashmere, velvet, tweed and natural wood.

If ever it were possible to fall in love with a beanbag, let this be the moment. These beanbags have to be the most covetable I have ever seen!

If I had these in my living room along with this shaggy rug and wood burner, I honestly don't know how I would manage to do anything except lounge on them. Small sheared sheepskin beanbag £300, sheepskin cushion £60 and sheepskin rug £500 - The White Company.
Hmm, I'm thinking a hot chocolate may be the perfect drink right now...

And if those aren't enough to keep the chill off you, how about this adorably cute Ruth Cross Hottie how ater bottle in Misty Cliffs (a new colour for Winter 2011) £48. The handmade cover is knitted with lambs wool with lurex sparkle and has a satin ribbon drawstring and is sure to give you an instantly supersoft burst of warmth.

Candles. One of the BEST bits about Autumn / Winter. My friends all know how much I love candles and that I will light them at any opportunity. On a bleak, grey, dismal day a lit candle, especially a scented one can bring such warmth, light and joy to a house. Here are a few of my favourites that I have seen so far...no doubt there will be many more to follow!

True Grace As It Should Be Fig candle - Earthy-sweet aroma of Mediterranean fig trees, fruity and oozing with Autumnal warmth. £19.95 from the Scented Candle Store

On-trend scandinavian light wood heart shaped votives - set of 2 £8 from John Lewis

These fragranced candles from French perfumier Geodesis are delicious, they use the highest quality wax and unique blends of perfume and candles burn for up to 60 hours. My favourite scent is Cinnamon but it also comes in nine other fragrances; Orange Tree; Lavender; Blackcurrant; Massoia Tree Bark;  Fig Tree, Rose, Clove, Verbena or Agar Wood. Divine!
Priced at £22 each they are available from Velvet Bown at NotOnTheHighStreet.com

Over the next few months I will have a whole host of posts full of ideas and inspiration to help you make your home cosy for the coming colder months. Snuggle up and keep warm!


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